Toy Story - Gangnam Style Dance

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Here's a Toy Story Gangnam style dance This fabulous gangnam style dance number between Toy Story favorites, Buzz Lightyear , Jessie, Woody is done perfectly. Hopefully everyone's happy and smiling watching this video. This video is just for fun, nothing serious and never expect that it could receive almost 800 million views. Thanks for watching enjoy! Inspired by PSY's "Gangnam Style" See the original: This could be the kid's favorite's show. Toy story Gangnam style - Buzz Lightyear gangnam style - Woody Gangnam style - Jessie Gangnam Style Kids Gangnam style dance Baby Gangnam style Toy Story Gangnam Style Dance Toy Story 1 Gangnam Style Toy Story 2 Gangnam Style Toy Story 3 Gangnam Style Please Subscribe your favourite channel

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