Pedang Pora - Military Ceremony

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Rini and me were going to Bone regency, South Sulawesi for our best friend's wedding, Asri. We were there for several days . She was graduated from Medical Faculty, Hasanuddin University and now became a new doctor. She met her husband, on Friendster, one of social networking websites. She was born in noble family. Her full name is Andi Asriani Arief and Andi is similar with a lady or princess. In her wedding, there were many procession like Mappacci' (malam pacar) or coloring hand's night, Ma'panre temme' (penamatan Al Quran) or Finishing Recitation Quran procession, Mapparola (Mengantar Mempelai Wanita) or Accompany The Bride to The Groom's Home, Ma'barazanji (Barzanji) or one of old tradition which was telling story about The Prophet, Muhammad like singing. Because she married military member's (Army), She did the procession that called Pedang Pora. It's ceremony to welcome the new couple into the military family. Her husband named is Tang Upe and now working in South Kalimantan. So, after married, they will moved there. Hhmmm,. we'll gonna missed them.

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