Home Built Cyclone Dust System Part 1

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Ducting and Planning I don't want my son to grow up sucking as much dust as I did. To keep him out of it I don't cut or dry sand much when he is up there with me. I built an air purifier but it is far from adequate, just enough to blow clean air on him, keep him in a bubble so to speak. It is time to address the real issue, a dust collector. The heart of the system is a scrapyard blower I picked up and need to fix. For the cyclone I am looking at several options including building my own. I want the clear-vue 1800 but the price is... and more importantly the 5hp motor that runs it is going to dry a lot of power. Not sure if I can run the saw and the blower on my paltry 50amp service. Also running a 5 horse motor to collect dust from a palm sander or a 1/2 horse bandsaw seems silly to me. Start up current will dim my neighbors lights... Anyway it is a work in progress. You can find additional information on this project in the following link. Updated as progress continues! http://nelsonstudios.blogspot.com/2012/09/sawdust-sucks-adventures-in-dust.html

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