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| Om Suryaya Namah || Aditya Hrudayam Stotra is a Hymn with slokas Praising Lord Surya (the Sun God). These verses are found in beginning of 105th Chapter of Yudha Kanda in the great epic The Ramayana, written by Sage Valmiki. in Mythology: Lord Vishnu in human form of an exiled prince Rama, is exhausted after long battle over many weeks with various warriors to rescue his wife - His Divine Consort Goddess Lakshmi in human form of Sita, who was earlier kidnapped by the Rakshasa King Ravana. It is now time to face Ravana who is approaching closer, looking fresh, powerful and highly prepared for a great battle while Rama is completely tired out. At this time Sage Agastya (Agasthya) approaches Lord Rama and teaches him the Aditya Hridayam Stotra. in Spirituality: The Sun is a self illumined body of radiant energy. In recognizing greatness of Sun as Clearest Manifestation of the Unseen, Formless, One God, a person gains Positive Energies, Spiritual Strength to fight negative energies, thereby gaining Jnana (knowledge) about The One God. In Sadhana (rigorous meditation), the Sun is a rare vision, a great treat for Sadhaks. Sun always indicates that Sadhak is being guided by the Power of God itself and is most assuredly on Right Path moving towards The One. For more details see slides in video.

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